Fishermans Wharf Cooktown in a nutshell...

Last opportunity to resupply if heading north, has everything you would need, close to facilities, but a bit expensive and you will be in the spotlight all night.

In our opinion:


  • Close to town
  • Laundry facilities near
  • Great fish and chip shop and coffee shop
  • Safer than anchoring


  • Spotlight on your boat all night
  • No onshore showers but you can use your own
  • Not cheap


Cooktown is located about 91NMs north of Cairns and about 56NMs north of Port Douglas. Fishermans Wharf is the very first private wharf you see when you come in to the channel.  There is one other private wharf right next to it.  Cooktown is the last stop on your way north and the last place to stock up on supplies.  

First Impression

The wharf itself is brand new and well maintained.  

The channel into Cooktown is very narrow and unforgiving, so pay attention to the markers. Cooktown is where commercial fishing vessels refuel, so you may be surrounded by these boats. 

We paid $55 per night and stayed for 2 nights. 


Fisherman’s wharf is located right next to a laundromat and there is a fish and chip takeaway, coffee shop and tiny chandlery.  The laundromat is really clean, and there are quite a few washing machines and dryers. You can get change from the small kiosk which is about 100m away down the road. You can connect to the power, fill up your water tanks and refuel at this wharf.  There are no bathroom facilities, although you can use your own boat facilities and there are public toilets nearby.  

In terms of security, whilst there isnt any public access, there is also nothing to prevent the public from coming on the wharf.  It is perhaps due to this, or the fact that this is a fishing vessel refuel stop that there is a spotlight on the wharf and your boat all night.  So I hope you have good blinds and curtains on your boat. 

Cooktown has a very large, well stocked IGA supermarket and there is a local market on Saturday mornings with some local produce.  You should be able to buy just about anything in Cooktown. 

Fisherman’s Wharf

7 Webber Esplanade, Cooktown QLD 4895 Australia

+61 (0) 4069 5173

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